February 24, 2024

About Us

Hi, and welcome to Homey Recipe. The perfect recipe is waiting here for you whether you’re looking for an easy dinner, a fun snack, breakfast ideas, desserts, or a salad so good you’ll want to eat it every day.

About Us - Homey Recipe

What is Homey Recipe ?

Homey Recipe is here to help you cook delicious meals with less stress and more joy that your whole family will love! Homey
Recipe is also a place to share my passion for cooking.

Our vision

We believe that inviting others to join you around your table is a sure way to strengthen friendships and build community. And every day, cooks from around the world publish recipes and inspire one another

Feeding people makes me happy. It’s just about as plain and simple as that. I feel very happy when my family and friends gather around my table for a meal.

Food makes most people happy – regardless of the chance it might also make them fat. We celebrate everything with food: birthdays, anniversaries, funerals and football games. It’s just one of the many ways we share love with another person. We feed them.

Cooking is an art

We like to experiment and express ourselves. We love good food. It doesn’t need to be fussy to be great. Homey Recipe is the place where I share restaurant quality recipes you can easily make at home. I’m bringing back the family dinner in a really delicious way!

Homey Recipe is always has been a community built around love. We are people who love food, love to cook, and love to share recipes and stories. There is no room for hate, racism, or inequality in our community.

Our recipes primarily use fresh, unprocessed ingredients but we also believe there is a time and a place for canned, frozen, and other prepared ingredients. We believe in a diet that includes a wide variety of foods: real butter and cream, extra virgin olive oil, eggs, lots of fruits and vegetables, and protein from meat, fish, beans, and cheese. Plus cake for dessert.

There are three things we think about when deciding if a recipe is good enough to go on Homey Recipe:

  1. Does it work? Recipes need to be easy to follow and provide reliable results, every time.
  2. Is it delicious? Does the dish make us smile inside and out? Do we want to eat the whole batch by ourselves?
  3. Is it worth the effort? Do we want to make it again (and again and again)?

We are that reliable friend who cooks with you by your side, showing you exactly how a recipe plays out, step by step. We’re here when you need a soft boiled egg, when you’re perfecting pilau, when you’re on a budget and throwing a party anyways, when you’re 11 and you need a snack, when you’ve just moved in with vegans, when someone gives you an Instant Pot, and when you’re pledging to eat less of this and more of that.

Also I’m so glad to continue providing you with easy recipes that are delicious too! I will also share my tips with how to save time in the kitchen without have to sacrifice flavor.